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The age of technology is well and truly  upon the dental industry with the introduction of intraoral scanning, invisable aligners and laser cavity detection.  With such a dynamic relationship between the dentistry we know and the technology we grow with, how do we embrace digitisation within our industry? 

Unlike other industries where a record is purely a spreadsheet or client information, the records required by the dental industry must include physical mapping of client dentition.  Until the digital age, this record was kept as a plaster mould in a box in storage for 7-10 years for every client.  With the advancements in 3D scanners, the dental industry has been able to take the digital age by the horns without compromising on information quality.


At The IDS Lab, we are equipped with state of the art 3D technology including scanners and printers as well as an experienced team with over 30 years in the industry.  The IDS Lab has been a pioneering laboratory in embracing the benefits that technology can bring to the dental industry including digital study models.  

If your clinic is ready to reclaim its storage space, The IDS Lab is ready to assist.  We offer two main options for storage of your digital files, cloud & hard drive  (or a combination of both).  The IDS Lab will collect your plaster moulds and associated records and process them at our Melbourne based laboratory.  At your request, we can either return or destroy the plaster records once they have been uploaded to your digital space.

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Cloud Storage

One Drive File hosted by Microsoft O365.  Clinic files are shared with a unique link and are password protected.  New files are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Hard Disk

1TB Hard drive 

This is provided to you by The IDS Lab with the files uploaded and ready for use.  New files are sent via email and easily managed by the clinic.

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